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The Beauty of Aboriginal Art

16 October 2007

Dorothy Napangardi

I am first to admit that I don’t know very much about Australian Indigenous Art – its background, meaning and stories.

But I do know that there are some art pieces that completely blow me away. Dorothy Napangardi is definitely my favourite. Her works are all absolutely stunning and incredible to get lost in. The stories behind her paintings tell of adventure and wonder in the land she grew up in. Plus she has a string of national art awards and art works with whopping price tags!

Ah. I have fruitlessly coveted for one of her works – and unfortunately I don’t have a spare $39,000 sitting around.

Being part of an art exhibition has really rekindled my passion for art. In fact, one of my most secret dreams is to begin an art collection!

Imagine a house full of beautiful, inspiring and breathtaking pieces of original art, collected from around the world, each with a little story, each that nudges at my heart in a different way. What a dream! When I win the lottery! Ha!

Anyway, I found this beautiful hardcover blank notebook the other day. It had a print of Dorothy’s work on it. I instantly noticed it from across the room, and we fell in love.