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Spider Boy’s Honky Nuts

10 October 2007

Honky Nuts

Every evening, we all go for a walk in the park. The boys ride their bikes, while my husband and I stroll behind and chat about our day.

We take the same route every time – we walk past the park, along the creek, through the oval, until we reach the lake.

At the lake, again the routine is always the same. The boys take off their helmets and scamper around filling them with honky nuts – woody gum nuts of a West Australian tree, perfect for throwing.

Callum, my 4.5yo, is exceptionally careful not to scratch his prized Spiderman helmet.

So the boys stand at the edge of the lake and throw all the honky nuts into the water, shouting, cheering and pretending to be superheros, in particular, Spiderman.

Then they put their helmets back on, ride to the big park, where they play more Spiderman games.

But not today.

A few moments after Callum put on his helmet, he suddenly started to shout and dance around frantically, pointing to his head, which, of course, has pictures of spiders on it.


It was so funny. We all laughed at his crazy antic. He danced a silly jig with his legs and banged his helmet with his arms.

And then we realised that he was NOT KIDDING.

We raced over, unclipped his helmet, and saw that his head and neck were COVERED with tiny little black spiders.

Oh, the irony of it all.