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Berry Smoothie

6 October 2007

Berry Smoothie

My kids are slightly intolerant to cow’s milk – in that, if they drink lots of it, they spend the following week wheezing and coughing fluid from their lungs.

To compensate for the lack of cow milk, I try to give my kids lots of cheese, yoghurt, brocolli and other leafy green vegetables.

But it’s pretty hard work. They LIKE the taste of milk, and they ask for the straight stuff almost every day.

So far, my best way of injecting calcium into their systems is the old smoothie trick, using soy milk.

Berry Smoothie Recipe
1 ¼ cups of soy milk
2 large tablespoons of yoghurt
1 tablespoon of honey
3 tablespoons of mixed frozen berries
1 small banana

Throw everything into a blender and whiz!
Makes about 2 cups (500ml).