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The Video Game Moment

18 September 2007

Callum on the WiiMy husband and I have done, what I think, is a peculiar thing in our household – my children have never seen, or even know what a video or computer game is.

I’m not ANTI video games. I am a strong believer in “everything in moderation”. I know that video games will inevitably be a part of my children’s lives (like TV). But video games are just one more thing I DON’T want the stress of regulating – LIKE TV. For now anyway.

So the other day, my sister came over for dinner and brought her wii.

I thought it might be interesting to see both Callum and Sean be COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY by something they have never seen before. So I let the kids stay up to join in the fun.

I told Callum we were going to play tennis on the television.

He went still and his eyes grew as large as plates. I could see what he was thinking – my mother has completely lost her mind.

And he chose his words carefully, full of authority and kindness, “Mum. If we hit a tennis ball at the TV, we’ll break it. We shouldn’t be hitting balls in the house.”

The kids sat and watched us play tennis and bowling. I wondered what they were thinking as we dance around the living room, swinging our arms around like lunatics.

Then it was their turn.

I showed Callum how to do the bowling actions, press buttons, coordinate and time movements. I didn’t actually think he’d GET IT. I thought he’d stamp his feet in frustration and send the handset flying through the television.

But he had about 3 turns, and suddenly he was played like he was BORN WITH THE HANDSET STRAPPED TO HIS WRIST. It was scary and it was astonishing.

I was the one who was blown away.

I enjoyed this site, A site full of images of smashed televisions, windows, lamps, ceiling fans and animals! An oldie but a goodie!