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Signing A Painting

13 September 2007

Signed Painting

I had a real emotional problem when signing my paintings for the exhibition.

I’ve never signed a painting before. Most of my past work, I considered them as “painting exercises” or “a canvas that I smeared paint on” . I’ve never actually made a FINISHED PIECE OF ART.

And certainly, nothing says IT IS FINISHED, than a signature on a painting. I was a bit freaked out.

How should I sign my name? Where should I sign it? What colour should I use?

I decided that I had no problem being traditional : Bottom corner, in a subtle colour.

As to what name to sign :

Karen – Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh, who just signed his paintings with “VINCENT”. Now that’s absolute rock star confidence – I like it – but I’m not ready for that.

Karen Cheng – A bit long and overwhelming… maybe.

Karen C – Made me sound like a Spice Girl.

K.C. – Bit too obscure.

KCheng – As you can tell from the photo above, I decided to go with this.