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Upcoming Art Exhibition

11 September 2007

I’m working towards a group art exhibition of oil paintings entitled “Journeys”.

Here is the official invite (designed by me) :

Journeys Exhibition Invitation

And here is the official blurb :

“Journeys” is an exploration of form and colour from four different artists.

Jane Kos is an established and well respected artist who has exhibited regularly over the past 15 years. She has taken the unusual step of holding her latest exhibition with three previously unexhibited artists; Marnie Beissel, Wendy Tweedie and Karen Cheng.

Marnie’s paintings work to capture those moments of quiet solitude that rejuvenate the sense of joy in life, inspired by her love of the raw natural beauty of the Australian coastline. Each image is an exercise in meditation, enabling the viewer to lose themselves in the study of form, colour and atmosphere.

Wendy Tweedie having been inspired by her time living in Europe, Asia and Australia, has created a mixture of traditional and abstract pieces. These rich and earthy images also reflect her journey as an artist over time.

Growing up on Christmas Island, Karen Cheng has enchanting memories of swimming in crystal waters, playing in lush jungles, chasing red crabs, and exploring the flourishing corners of the tropical island. For this exhibition, she explores the images and visual sensations of her magical childhood, bringing together vibrant colours and exquisite textures to capture a sense of playful wonder.