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One Extreme Holiday To The Next

1 September 2007

After living in wild and feral abandonment for 2 days, the NO SHOWER THING bothered me the most. Ok, we bathed in the ocean. But the salt water didn’t seem to penetrate through the built up layers of sun cream, moisturiser, dirt, grime, sweat and salt. It was……. SO GROSS!

Caravan Park at Coral Bay

The next day we arrived at Coral Bay. It was quite a shock to our system. We came away from the coastal wilderness to a holiday theme park. There were hundreds of caravans lined up, bumper to bumper, as far as the eye could see. Everything was manicured and immaculate. It was all strangely perfect.

Beach and Kids

The beach was amazing. It was PERFECT for small children. The boys had such a good time – paddling, splashing, building sand castles, digging rivers and just lying on the sand.

Later we waded out through the warm, knee-deep water of the bay. We saw schools of little colourful fish and huge dinner-plate sized fish, all swimming happily between our legs.

Glass Bottom Boat

We took the glass bottom boat tour and cruised around the bay, over the Ningaloo Reef. Being a scuba diver, I’ve already seen coral, but it was really nice to share it with the kids. It was cool to hear my 4 year old say stuff like, “Hey that coral looks like lettuce!”

Karen and Callum That evening, we returned to the beach. We skipped over rock pools and rolled down the sand dunes as we watched the sun go down over the sparkling waters.

A part of me has accepted that my kids will probably never remember all these holiday moments. That their memories will only exist as photographs in dust covered albums or some silly snaps stuck on the fridge. I guess you need a certain kind of faith as a parent – to believe that what you’re doing now will bear some fruit in the future.