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The Beach With No Name

30 August 2007

Shell Arrangement

One morning, while camping, we met some scruffy surfers on the beach. They were crusted with salt and seasoned by the sun, and they were doinkg tai chi on the rocks overlooking the bay.

We stopped to chat and gained some local knowledge about a super secret beach nearby. The directions were obscure and a little dubious, but we set off anyway.

It was pretty hard to find. And I was pretty stressed about the car unfriendly roads. In fact, the track was so messed up that we had to stop the car and walk the last bit.

The Perfect Tourism PhotoAfter what felt like an eternity, we found it! An exquisite bay, a crystal clear lagoon, a deserted beach, and coral reef rock pools teaming with shells, clams, starfish, crabs, fish, slugs. Every crevice was exploding with colour and movement. The beach was littered with amazing aquatic treasures – broken corals, cute pebbles, sparkling shells and whale bones?

It was unmistakable that not many people had ever walked on this beach.

My 4 year old snorkelled with my husband, while I danced through the rock pools with my 2 year old.

We spent a glorious afternoon there. We made a pile of treasure on the beach. We took photos. We explained to the kids why we couldn’t take things away from places like these. Then we left.

A part of me felt heavy. To think that perhaps in 10 years time, there might be a 5 star resort, a multitude of visitors, a barren tourist beach, speed boats and all this could be gone. A mind boggling thought. And because I want this beach to remain just as it is………it shall remain nameless on my site. Sorry!