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This is a Road?

26 August 2007

The road (or should I say, TRACK) into Red Bluff was like the SURFACE OF THE MOON. Craters and rocks. Pot holes and dips. There were suspicious, shifty sand banks and thick oozy mud puddles, all with disturbingly questionable depths. Bits of broken cars lay by the side of the track.

Road into Red Bluff

For one hour, our teeth rattled, everything in the car clattered and clinked, we bounced and bumped, we gripped the seats until our knuckles turned white, and prayed that the car wouldn’t break, or bog.

Bogged! Goodness. The thought of it terrified me. The nearest human inhabitant was something like 6 hours walk away! We’d be stranded in the middle of no where! In the dark! Eeep!