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Call me shallow, but…

25 August 2007

StromatolitesOur first camp for the night was at Hamelin Pool.

There’s not much to the place – a caravan park, an old telegraph station and a beach.

However, Hamelin Pool exists on the map because, just off the beach, grows the oldest living organisms known on earth – stromatolites – giving us a glimpse of what the earth looked like 3.5 billion years ago.

So. Despite all the tourism hoopla. Despite the cute information boards. Despite the fact that both David Attenborough (filming Life on Earth Documentary Series) and Bill Bryson (Down Under) visited this place…

Kids and MaterThe stromatolites just looked like wet, black rocks.


And the kids?

They were much more impressed with a very old truck in the caravan park… because it looked like the character “Mater” from the movie Cars.