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Snow Pea Harvest

17 August 2007

Snowpea HarvestBack in April, the kids and I planted a handful of snow pea plants in our little organic garden.

It was a fantastic gardening activity for the kids. We made several climbing frames out of bamboo (collected from a neighbour) and natural twine – which looked like cute tepees.

We made labels for the seedlings. I also drew them a little plant growth chart. Explained how plants grow, why they need water and sunshine, how the flowers turn into snow peas.

Now, 3 months later, our snow pea plants are as tall as I am! Plus there are tonnes of snow peas!

Every couple of days, we’ll sit in the garden and harvest 4-5 of our juicy, organic snow peas. The kids munch on them raw and savour them like delicious chocolates.