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Gone Camping : Karen Does Survival

3 August 2007

Our foodToday, our family is off on a camping trip up north. It will be two weeks of camping in a tent, driving to really isolated places, walks along the beach, snorkeling off coral reefs, bush walking, toasting marshmallows, telling camp fire stories and star gazing.

We’re driving to Ningaloo, Exmouth – which is a 12 hour drive from Perth. It sounds a bit crazy, but we’ll be making lots of camping stops!

We’re not planning to camp in luxury. There will be no grand outdoor kitchen, portable hot shower, or toilet, inflatable air mattresses, refrigerators, generators, or any of those things.

We’ll be roughing it out : Cooking simple camp meals (see above) on a small gas burner, sleeping on mats, boiling water over a fire, washing ourselves in the ocean, going to sleep when the sun goes down, waking up when the birds call at dawn, and wearing the same clothes for 5 days straight. We’re going feral and it’ll be great! Haha. Ok not really.

Our only item of luxury is a borrowed dual-screen car DVD player for our little backseat passengers. We used to be quite opposed to the idea, believing that children should be able to create their own entertainment during a road trip – singing, talking, puzzles, drawing, stickers, word games, books.

But after several DISASTROUS holiday attempts, we decided that perhaps we were kidding ourselves – after all, 12 hours is a really long time for a kid to be strapped to a seat.

As for my website, I’ve got quite a few pre-written posts that will appear magically as the week unfolds. So do pop by! Check out my favourite posts if you like!

However, be aware I might not be able to check my email very often!