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Organic Watercress

1 August 2007

Organic Watercress

At church on the weekend, I was intercepted by two squabbling aunties.

Aunty 1 walks up to me and says, “Hey Karen! You want some organic watercress?”

Aunty 2 scoffs, “What organic? Mrs Lee’s neighbour collects it from the local swamp in Gosnells!”

At first I baulked at the thought of eating “freshly collected” watercress grabbed from some council parkland in a light industrial wasteland. But it turns out that Mrs Lee’s neighbour has an organic vegetable farm out there.

I recently read somewhere that watercress was the newly discovered “superfood” – with lots of health benefits, concentrated antioxidants and amazing cancer fighting properties (it contains a certain compund that prevents damage to the DNA in white blood cells).

My mother used to make watercress soup all the time. I used to LOVE eating the stuff! in salads, in chicken soups, in noodles. Yum.