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Oil Painting : Confessions and Commitments

27 July 2007

PaintingI have a little secret to share.

I’m going to be part of a group art exhibition of oil paintings in October. I’ve been working furiously at it since March, and it’s been pretty exciting.

How it all started : I discovered that a few of my girlfriends were organising an art exhibition, and they were looking for another person to join them. They asked me and I said YES! An exhibition with good friends? What a cool opportunity!

Holding an art exhibition, where I set about creating a “story” to share with the world – has always been in my Things To Do Before I Die list. Plus I’ve always loved using such a wide variety of mediums – from oil paint, inks, sculpture, textiles, photography and digital art. The possibilities were endless. And this was just the beginning.

However, I never imagined that I’d be able to hold an exhibition so SOON. Where am I going to find the time? Who’s going to look after the kids? What “story” am I going to share?

The exhibition has a theme of “Journeys”.

My allotted space requires me to produce 10-15 medium sized paintings. *Laughs crazily*

I’ll be posting up bits and pieces of my painting adventure. So stay tuned!