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When Fashion Hurts

25 July 2007

MirrorIn the last 5 years, I’ve been pretty careful with sun protection.

I wear sun cream and sunglasses everyday. When I’m in the sun for long periods, I try to wear a long sleeves and a hat.

My reasons are : Wrinkles. Skin care (skin ageing and spots). Skin cancer. To live a long life. Example to the kids.

Anyway. The other day I noticed that the whites of my eyes were not as bright as usual. There was a slight yellowing in the corners of my eyes. I freaked out a bit.

I got them checked out by an optometrist, who said that yup, it was UV damage and if I don’t change my sunglasses, I’ll have eye problems in the future (basically).

It turns out that while my sunglasses have SOME UV protection, they are still considered as “fashion sunglasses”. Which means, they don’t have ENOUGH UV protection. Ergh, I’m so damn grumpy. I’ve been wearing them for YEARS!

So this is me sporting my new sunglasses. Not the most fashionable, nor expensive pair, but I’ll live.