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Running On Girl Power

20 July 2007

Spiderman car On his 4th birthday, Callum was given a Spiderman remote control car. After a week of zooming it around and smashing it into furniture, it broke. The motor revved, but the wheels didn’t turn.

I handed it to my husband to fix, who immediately put it in a queue of Things For The Husband To Fix.

Now I’m not complaining about my husband – the poor guy is at the mercy of my princess inclinations. Can you build some shade over the sandpit? What about some extra shelves for the pantry? Can you put up some hooks for the hats? Can you knock up a rack for the shoes? Hey winter is here, have you cleaned the gutters yet? I think the car engine oil needs replacing!

So 3 months later, nagged by my son about the lack of a Spiderman car, I decided to fix the thing myself. How hard can it be anyway? I’m a smart girl right?

Car guts

I took the thing apart, memorising how it fit back together. I took a moment to admire how cute the electrical board looked, and how all the tiny, colourful connections and wires looked like a miniature city!

I worked out that a bit of plastic broke off the axle holder thing, and when the motor turned, the cog came loose. A bit of superglue will do the trick!

Unfortunately – in this house – superglue is categorised as “male stuff” and lives in the shed. So driven by pride, laziness and ingenuity, I jammed a matchstick into the thing and TA DA! ALL FIXED! I ROCK!

All fixed

(Note : The matchstick head was left on for photographic purposes. I cut it off before I put the car back together – in case it caught on fire!)