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Callum : Kindy Update

16 July 2007

CallumOn the last day of his kindergarten semester, my 4.3 year old came home with his portfolio – a scrapbook filled with samples of his kindy work. They weren’t assessments, but it was all laid out with teacher’s notes and explanations to give parents a good indication of the stuff their child can do.

I wasn’t emotionally prepared for The First Report Card Moment. I stood in the school car park, while the kids climbed into their seats, and I absently flicked through the pages of the scrapbook.

My heart stopped and I had to choke back tears. My little boy can place the correct number of match sticks into numbered boxes! He can cut along a wavy line! He can make a bunny rabbit! And a gingerbread man! He can follow construction instructions!

His teacher said : Callum is a capable little student who listens carefully and is quick to understand. During mat sessions, he regularly answers questions and contributes to discussion. He completes set tasks without difficulty and is always purposely occupied in his class free-play time. Outside, he enjoys a range of activities and can be relied upon to play nicely. Good boy Callum, I am proud of you.

Gosh – it was all too much.

I was glowing with pride, yet crushed with love. Enchanted with happiness, yet heartbroken that my little boy has to grow up.