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How to create your own fun at a French film.

6 July 2007

MirrorThis evening we went to a Cabaret, Cocktails and Champagne event for a premier screening of La Vie En Rose.

We expected it to be a sexy, stylish, sophisticated evening – French costumes, French champagne, hors d’oeuvres and pastries, with soft French music played in the background, followed by a lush, French film.

But we found ourselves seriously over-dressed, squished between 600 grumpy people and cringing at the shabby event coordination. I didn’t even get to try any food that was being passed along! Yeah I missed out on the food! The Chinese in me was devastated!

The movie was about the life story of Edith Piaf – famous French singer. The performances were outstanding. Her life was remarkable. But it was an intensely tragic and depressing story and the narrative jumped around a bit.

Ok. Not that I expect all French films to be racy, but so far, our evening was anything BUT.

I wouldn’t say I got bored, but this is me in the restrooms, looking a bit seedy from the champagne and trying to take a good picture of my vintage fishnet stockings – sort of.