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Perfect Winter Aromas

20 June 2007

LimonesWe went out to a friend’s birthday dinner at Limones in East Freo. It was such a cold night, but the restaurant had a roaring fire in the corner – it was glorious.

The place was warm, charming, inviting and filled with the magnificent smell of garlic prawns, buttery herbs and roasted lamb.

The were aromas of warm bread, sweet wine and a crackling wood fire, it was like the perfect smorgasbord of smells for a cold winter night. Mmmmm.

Of all the elaborate dishes on the menu, I was craving the seafood pasta. It arrived : A huge mountain of linguine, tossed with fresh tomato sauce and a mixture of salmon, prawns, scallops, clams, wine, garlic, herbs, chilli … oh it was divine.