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Near Misses

13 June 2007

near miss

We were getting ready for a bike ride. The boys were dressed and ready to go – with helmets, socks, shoes, jackets. We plonked them by the front door, with instruction to PLEASE SIT AND WAIT!

My husband and I raced around the house locking doors, getting our bits and pieces together, bags, water bottles, jackets, shoes, keys, wallets.

My 2 year old (Sean) wandered off and started to CLIMB UP the bookshelf. My 4 year old (Callum) decided that it was his job to stop him.

First Callum shouted at Sean. But Sean just shouted back.
Then Callum hit. But Sean hit back.
Then. Callum grabbed hold of Sean’s waist and PULLED.

Sean had a firm grip on the shelf, screaming and kicking at Callum.

The whole shelf leaned over like a wooden monster and swallowed our two boys in an explosion of books, pot plants, jars, vases, rocks, coins, pens, glass. The boys disappeared beneath the weight of the bookshelf. They screamed. We screamed.

We yanked up the bookshelf and they lay like little mice amidst the glazed razor edges of broken ceramics. We lifted their quivering bodies out of the mess. There was not a scratch was on them. Thank God they were wearing their helmets.