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DVDs That Make Us Happy

9 June 2007

Lately, my husband and I have been indulging in highly selective doses of excellent TV.

My husband’s choice :

Planet Earth (TV Series) (narrated by David Attenborough)

Planet Earth Goodness, this series is truly amazing. The cinematography is both absolutely incredible and breathtaking.

It’s been very satisfying to sit back after a long day, and watch the weird and wonderful creatures of this planet.

I am moved by all the intricate and hidden details, the delicate balances of interwoven relationships, and the continuing life and death cycles of this planet

There were countless scenes where my jaw just dropped, and I shook my head in an enchanting mixture of astonishment, disbelief, and appreciation. A mushroom virus exploding out of an ant’s skull? Sky diving ducklings? Zombie cicadas? Are they for real??

At the end of each episode, they show snippets of the adventures endured by the film crews. Damn, these people suffered for their art.

My choice :

Battlestar Galatica (TV Series)

Jamie Bamber I’m officially addicted. Great story, brilliant special effects, engaging drama, lots of intrigue and sci fi, and most importantly, a really reeeeeally hot piece of ass.

Exhibit number one : The Steamy Towel Scene

As it always goes, one 40 minute episode is never enough. You have to watch two. And by then you end up watching three, which happens to be the end-of-season cliff hanger episode. So of course you HAVE to watch four and five.

And suddenly you notice it’s 4am in morning, your head hurts, your eye balls have dried out, and oh crap, the kids will be waking up in 2 hours.