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Wednesday: Our Busiest Day of the Week

6 June 2007

(This is my daily schedule with a 4.5 and 2.5 years old.)

6:30am – The boys wake up. My husband gets up and makes them breakfast.

7:00am – I wake up and eat breakfast.

7:30am – Husband leaves for work. I clean up the breakfast mess, while the boys play.

8:00am – I crack open the pencil box and we all sit for some drawing / learning time.

8:30am – I turn on the music and we do dancing / movement type exercises. Eg, Let’s snap like crocodiles! Fly like planes! Hop like a kangaroo! Basically, we jump around like crazy lunatics.

We roll up the rugs in our living room. Then we roll cars and trains along the length of the floor. The game always takes on a ten-pin-bowling smash-and-crash quality.

9:30am – I plonk them in front of TV for 30 minutes, with snacks – apple, snow peas and corn crackers. I get ready to go out. I make sandwiches for lunch and pack the going-out bag.

10:00am – I get the kids ready. It takes us a good 30 minutes to brush their teeth, wash up, help them change into going-out clothes, help them put on their socks and shoes. Suncream, sunglasses and hats.

10:30am – We go to a friend’s place. All the kids play. I have a cup of tea, relax and catch up on some gossip.

11:30am – Eat lunch (ham, cheese, lettuce and mayo sandwiches). Then more playing.

12:00pm – Time to leave. I am required to give a minute-to-minute countdown “FIVE MORE MINUTES!……….. FOUR MORE MINUTES!……….” Encourage all kids to pack away the toys, gather the boy’s bits and pieces, put their shoes and socks back on, thank our friends, say goodbyes.

12:30pm – Arrive home. Brush their teeth again (because they’ve eaten sugary foods), wash up, get ready for a nap.

12:45pm – I put Sean to sleep. Callum, depending on his mood, will go to sleep or have some quiet time in his room.

I tip-toe around the house doing housey things. Paying bills. Organising next week’s events. Preparing dinner. Laundry. Cleaning. Tidying up. I check my email and other online stuff. I pack a completely different going-out bag for the afternoon.

2:45pm – Kids wake up. I feed them a carrot stick and vegemite on toast. I get them ready for swimming classes.

3:15pm – We leave the house for swimming classes. Callum goes into a class of 4 kids, where he swims with a teacher. I swim with Sean in the baby paddle pool.

4:15pm – Arrive home. I throw the kids outside. They play with their bikes, balls and sandpit. I throw dinner in the oven – roast potatoes + pumpkin, steamed broccoli + beans and crumbed fish.

5:00pm – Husband comes home. He plays with the kids and showers them.

5:30pm – We eat dinner.

6:00pm – Our babysitter arrives. She plays with the kids. I jump into the shower. Husband washes dishes.

7:00pm – We go out for our weekly night out (tonight we caught up with some friends). Babysitter puts the kids to sleep by 8pm.

10:00pm – We arrive home. Pay the babysitter.

11:00pm – Eventually go to sleep!

(Haha. Check out what my routine was like 2 years ago : Moment By Moment, 16 June 2005.)