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Skin Care

1 June 2007

My sister and I went to visit a friend (who sells skincare products) for a bit of skin-loving advice.

We arrived, washed off ALL our makeup and our friend analysed our skin – including an examination under a special UV light.

I have been a bit concerned about my skin, of late. I’m 29 this year and I believe I have taken good care of my skin. I’ve reduced the amount of sugar, caffeine, meat and fatty foods in my diet. I eat well. I drink lots of water. I walk everyday. I wear sun cream and sun glasses everyday. I wear a hat whenever I can. I take salmon oil tablets and a variety of other vitamins.

Yet, I see the faint fine lines appearing. I see the dullness. I feel the lack of moisture and perkiness. All signs of aging.

I’m not THAT afraid of growing old. It’s going to happen anyway, I may as well have a positive outlook on it. But I am interested to know how to take even better care of my skin.

I thought of switching to a more superior product. One that is possibly less laden with cheap, evil chemicals. But then, how do you know if the good products are not just as bad? Are you supposed to trust the cosmetic companies and their multi-million dollar advertising campaigns and their very well written websites full of carefully crafted marketing crap?

The analysis didn’t tell me anything new. I knew I have combination oily/dry skin. I knew I wasn’t getting enough sleep. I knew I have pigmentation, odd patches of skin tone and I knew that I needed to use a mask more often.

If anything, I was motived to get more sleep, drink more water and wear lots more sun cream.

Despite how I felt, I left with some products to try out, and absolutely zero expectation. We’ll see how it goes.