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Mother’s Day Morning Tea

11 May 2007

Callum’s Kindergarten class invited me to a Mother’s Day morning tea. We did activities with the kids, ran around the playground, they sang action songs, then we all sat down for tea and nibbles – it was all very cute.

Sheesh. There were so many activities. We made bracelets. We painted dinosaurs. We drew houses. We rolled play dough. I was so tired.

We also made these Rice Bag Babies, based on our child’s birth weight. We were given some stockings, ribbons, eyes, blanket, a pacifier and some rice – in our case – 3.3kgs (7.3lbs) of Australian short grain rice.

Now I don’t know how many of you have carried one of these rice bag babies – IT’S WEIRD. You carry these things exactly like you would carry a real newborn. One hand on its bum to carry its whole weight, and one hand to support its neck and head.

And if you wanted to go ONE HANDED, you have to cradle your arm in that strange angle that stops its head from hanging down like a limp chicken. So in fact, when held, it looks strangely realistic.

It was a cute activity. I guess it was supposed to make us feel all nostalgic. But I just found it HEAVY. It was irritating. I found every opportunity to place it on the floor next to my handbag. Or pass it to Callum, who also found it too heavy, and chose to drag it across the floor by its head.

At the end of the session, I carried it back to my car. My arms were full – rice bag baby, a bag of goodies, bits of craft and my handbag. I rolled my eyes, Oh man, what am I going to do with a sack of rice?? A door stop? Sushi? It was long walk. In the sun. Ugh. My arms were aching.

As I approached my car, I carefully used my elbow to open the trunk. I stepped back, did a little run up and with one big heave, I threw the rice baby into the trunk with a satisfying WUMPH!

GASP! I suddenly realised how WRONG this must have looked if somebody saw me THROW MY BABY INTO THE TRUNK!! I quickly spun around in a panic, scanning the streets and carpark. Phew. Hopefully no one will be calling any child welfare agencies.

(Callum also gave me this super-cute interview on a Mother’s Day Card)