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Craft Overload

10 May 2007

My 4 year old loves craft. His life revolves around craft.

When we’re eating Easter eggs at the shops, he keeps the foil in irritatingly pristine condition – for craft. When we’re in the park, he gathers leaves – for craft. Or discarded straws, bottle tops, bits of wood and empty chip packets. Or shells, seaweed, drift wood, cuttlefish skeletons from the beach. My craft box would stink without the blessed zip lock bag.

But now that he’s started Kindergarten, he has access to the Magical Craft Trolley. The never-ending supply of other people’s recycled household crap! Oh the accumulation of crap! What do I do with it all?!

My son brings home a new creation each day. Proud. Beaming. A present for mummy. Each one is a new improved design of a battleship of some sort, complete with stories and sound effects. Lucky me.