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The Last Straw

9 May 2007

The boys have been displaying really awful behaviour these last few days.

I swear. Every 5 minutes they are fighting, arguing, bickering, pushing, screaming, crying, shouting. I want the blue plate! No I want the blue plate! Why is his bigger than mine? He stepped on my foot! I dropped mine! Get off the table! Stop doing that! Don’t spill your water! No spitting! Stop shouting! No hitting! Sit on your chair! Stop grabbing!

It’s been pushing me closer and closer to that very dark place.

I used to think that I would handle these situations with calm and strength. But after 3 non-stop days of the relentless fights. I snap. I shout. I blow up. And I’m reduced to tears. Sigh. It’s been a bad week.

However, there were a few moments I managed to laugh.

One day the 2 year old decided he wanted EVERYTHING the 4 year old had. Every single thing. The cup. The book. The truck. The spoon. The ball. The box. Fighting. Shouting. Crying. All day. It was ridiculous.

Then. As I intervened in the biggest disaster in the universe this minute, I growled “What are you guys even fighting about??”

There were tears. Sobs and wails. There were bite marks and missing bits of clothing. Then the 4 year old produced this. Yes. A small black thread.