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Callum turns FOUR! AGAIN!

18 April 2007

As promised, I organised a birthday party for some of Callum’s closest school friends. It was a dress up party, with games. There were 12 kids in total.

I borrowed a “Party Pack” from my toy library – it had jumping sacks, throwing bean bags, eggs and spoons, stilts, a parachute, bubble wands. I just scattered them all over the garden and the kids just played with the bits and pieces. It was great!

I’m not a big fan of too many games during kid’s parties. They’re usually more trouble than they’re worth. Especially at this age. Kids have just as much fun doing things like… running. So I organised two kid’s games for 4 year olds that were low stress for me.

Treasure hunt. I hid chocolate gold coins all over our garden, then gave each kid a paper cup.

Decorate a cupcake. Made cupcakes the night before. Iced them, gave them out with a handful of lollies.