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Social Soccer

15 April 2007

Some friends invited us for a just-for-fun soccer match on the weekend. Mixed skill levels, bring kids, bring a picnic, socialise. It was such a great idea. And I had SUCH a great time!

Everything was just so casual. Laid-back rules. No one keeping score. Goals were marked with bike helmets. Kids were wandering around the field – looking for daddy. Dogs were trying to join in.

I was continually leaving the game because my 4 year old wanted me to explain the rules to him. He was utterly fascinated. I don’t think he’s ever seen us – both his parents – PLAY with other adults. And I was absolutely sure he was absorbing EVERYTHING. I could see his little brain press RECORD, gathering up information on “What’s the right way to play with other kids on a field” and storing it for later.

So I made it a big point to highlight the lessons of Being a Good Sport :

– It’s more important for everyone to have fun.
– It’s good to cheer when someone does something great.
– It’s good to say encouraging things when someone misses the ball.
– If you knock someone over, stop and apologise.
– No one teases. No one shows off. No one acts like a jerk.

Anyway. Speaking of showing off. I scored 2 goals! However, I didn’t lift my shirt over my head. I didn’t think that would go down well. Overall, I reeeally enjoy soccer. I get such a buzz from competitive group sports.

The last time I played… was for some corporate team ladder. Our mixed team of skinny, white-legged web geeks, against the bronzed, super-buff, engineering gods from Shell, BP, Woodside. I think we lost every game. But we got lots of exercise!