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Callum turns FOUR!

12 April 2007

Finally! Every morning (for the past month), Callum would wake up and shout – “AM I FOUR YET? AM I FOUR YET?!”

So this morning, I woke up nice and early, jumped onto his bed, bouncing and shouting “HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAL! YOU’RE FOUR! YOU’RE FOUR! IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY!” It completely made his day.

This week, my church was holding a family camp – which meant 5 days of planned kid’s activities! Hanging out with friends and cousins! Playing! Games! Food! And most importantly, energetic tweens who fall over themselves to look after my boys. It was too good to miss. Plus there was nice line up of “Superhero” themed activities – which Callum immediately took as a cue to share his too-much knowledge of Spiderman to anyone who would listen.

I hijacked Thursday’s afternoon activities and arranged a little birthday party for him. I made a cake the night before, which Callum decorated. And I made some party bags, which the boys helped me fill. Nice and simple!

I wish I could say THAT WAS IT. But I promised Callum he could invite some of his school friends to another party – with a dress up theme! I know, I’m crazy! Stay tuned.

NB : One of the Superhero activities involved painting-your-own Superhero t-shirt. Hence Callum is wearing his very own, irritatingly unfinished, Spiderman design.