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Drawing Adventure

1 April 2007

Yesterday, I took my kid for a little adventure. Actually, my ulterior motive was for ME to indulge in some drawing and sketching, something I haven’t done in YEARS. We went to a cute park, we loaded up with drawing pads, chalks, crayons, pencils, water and a snack.

I taught Callum how to do Observation Drawings. Sounds technical, but I basically said “Look at something and draw it”.

I didn’t try to teach him anything about composition, form, positive/negative spaces, or line technique and all the juicy drawing stuff that I was practicing. I just wanted him to have fun. Plus secretly love the innocence of kids’ drawings.

After drawing sculptures, trees, pine nuts, kids playing on a pirate ship playground… he sighed, and politely asked me if he could now draw something from his brain, like Ninja Turtles.