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Happy Birthday Honey

20 March 2007

Today is my husband’s birthday! We had a lovely morning tea celebration for him on the weekend – with cake, scones, waffles, whipped cream, berries and lots of fruits. There was so much food! We also managed to go to a Saint Patrick’s Day party that same evening – which was great fun. Then our friend’s 4 year old party on Sunday. It was a party filled weekend and frankly, we were all birthdayed out.

As for today, I wasn’t actually planning to do anything birthdayish for my husband. But as the day ticked by, I couldn’t help myself. It just seemed so wrong to NOT honour someone you love and cherish so deeply on their birthday.

So I threw together some bread mix and baked him… a loaf of bread. Yes, a bread cake! Tee hee. After dinner, I brought out the “cake”, I turned off all the lights, I lit the candles, and all four of us sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY as loud as we could. We cut the “cake”. We ate slices of the “cake”. I even offered everyone butter!

The boys didn’t seem to notice that things were slightly askew. They were just so excited about the CAKE! CAKE! CANDLES! CANDLES! My husband and I shared a silly smile over the burning candles, and knew this was going down in our history books of silly moments, as The Day Karen Made Andrew A Loaf Of Bread For His Birthday.