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Vegetarian Pizza

16 March 2007

I must admit, I’m not a natural vegetarian. Some people can drop red meat and chicken from their diets and never even notice. I’m SO not one of those people. I crave meat all the time. I day dream about roasting lamb racks and sizzling chicken thighs. And I have an automatic, secret fear that whenever I make something vegetarian, it will turn out tasteless and bland.

In order to mentally impede my fears, I have been slowly collecting together a list of tasty vegetarian meals into a folder. Recipes that are really tasty, easy to make, healthy and organic, and most importantly… kids love them and eat them.

One of our favourite recipes – Vegetarian Pizza. I took a picture of the cheesey one. But they taste just as good loaded with veges, without any cheese.

I like using pita bread for my pizza bases. Tomato paste for my base topping. Then grilled aubergines, grilled capsicums, green beans, fresh tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, zucchini, sweet potatoes, fresh herbs. Basically, any vegetable that is sitting in my fridge, will go on my pizzas.