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Sean Turns TWO!

11 March 2007

My baby boy turns two today! We had a little birthday party with some of my extended family. Lots of food, fun and presents!

I hastily put together a Thomas Tank Engine birthday cake – which involved propping a few trains onto a chocolate cake. The boys thought it was SO COOL. I must admit, I had a vision of a PROPER train cake – inspired by The Coolest Birthday Cake Site. But. I have a real problem with the use of food colouring in kid’s foods. As I flipped through those awesome cake photos, I could hear the coloured banshee shrieks of E133, E102 and E142 ringing in my ears… so that was the end of that idea.

Sean had the best time. Playing with his cousins. Whizzing around on his tricycle. Popping balloons. Opening presents. Eating sausages. I went all gushy when he blew out the candles. He was just so happy and so excited. I guess it made me look forward to many more years of hasty birthday cake making.