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Kindergarten Starts

1 February 2007

Callum started kindy today. Admittedly, I was more stressed and anxious than he was. Will he like it? Will he have friends? Will he like his teachers? Will he get bored? Will he know where the toilet is?

We have been talking about it for months. Going through all the things he’d be doing and learning. He was very excited about it, and he kept asking, “Hang on! If Christmas is over, and new year is over… how come kindy hasn’t started?”

We bought all his kindergarten bits and pieces. He was the proud owner of a new bag, hat, drink bottle, name labels, a heap of pencils and crayons etc. And I could already feel he was aging before my eyes. I did managed to make him one thing – I sewed a nap pillow out of some scrap material.

Now. I don’t know much about other kindergartens, but I have been completely blown away by the two ladies running our centre. Their attention to detail in EVERYTHING – especially making sure parents and children ease in smoothly – has been incredible. I’ve worked for large companies dealing in global trading with far less organisational structure than this tight two-woman outfit, responsible for 22 young children. *Salutes all kindergarten teachers*

They took little digital portrait photos of the kids during outdoor playtime. And had them framed and ready for pick up at the next session. They even had the words “Callum’s first day at Kindy”. Sheesh, they sure know how to tug at those heart strings. It turned me into a complete sap, and I was choking back tears as my son handed me the picture frame.

He came home raving about kindy. He LOVED it. He told EVERYBODY how much he loved it. The neighbour. The chemist. The lady at the fruit shop. And he spoke with such glowing confidence and bubbling excitement as he retold me all his new stories of the craft, the activities, the new rules, the playground and all the other kids. It was an excellent start to the new year.