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11 January 2007

My 3½ year old is a real sweety. He’s got this huge spirit of generosity and fun. He’s charming. He loves to make people laugh. He’s full of energy and excitement. And he’s always concerned about people’s happiness.

He also has this uncontrollable fascination for all things BAD – like fighting, guns, soldiers, swords, bombs, jet planes, those scary bad guy types (Batman and Darth Vader). And he hasn’t even started school yet!

Now, there are no toy guns in my house. And I have a house rule, no pretending to play with guns or swords or ANY fighting thing whatsoever. I’m pretty strict, and am quick to launch into a long lecture. I’m not sure how it might affect the future of my boy’s suppressed imaginations… but I don’t care at this age. Fighting is not fun or cool.

So. Callum has been experimenting with it in his story telling and drawing. He loves drawing weird scenes full of monsters and robots and fire and swords and stuff. It spooks me a little bit. I know that it’s just a phase. And really, I’m more worried about his preschool teacher calling me up for a chat.