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New Year Mornings

7 January 2007

We have been indulging in the most delectable morning time routine this past week. Both our sons have been waking up at 8:30am. They never used to wake up so late. I suspect it’s because of daylight saving, and the fact that my husband has taken a few weeks leave – so there are no active alarm clocks in our house.

We all lumber from our beds and sit in the cool shade of our backyard. We have a lovely little outdoor lounge setting – wooden lounge chairs and coffee table – under an open gazebo, covered with a spectacular wisteria.

I sit and look after the kids. My husband makes breakfast for himself and the boys. Then he makes me a steaming hot cup of soy chai tea with no sugar, 2 eggs (with the yolks a little runny) and 2 slices of toast… and I am in heaven.

By 10am, we decide what we’re going to do for the rest of the day. Some times we split the boys up, to have a bit of quality parent-child time. Other times we go on a family outing to some place – usually the hardware store, or the beach, or river. Or the fruit shop. Or to visit someone. Anywhere easy and casual.

And I’m just loving it. I’m so floppy and relaxed and full of happy hormones.