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Happy New Year!

1 January 2007

We had a fantastic new year’s eve! We joined some friends for a backyard bbq. There were heaps of other kids around, so we had a mini new year countdown at 9pm. It was very cool. We had poppers, tooters, sparklers, the whole shebang. And after that, all the families with small kids went home early to put the kids to bed. It was an awesome NYE party format. After our kids were in bed, we were a bit *naughty* and stayed up past midnight – oooh what a thrill.

We all woke up early the next day. We went to have morning tea with some friends who lived near the beach. Then we headed over to the beach for a swim and some serious sandcastle making. The beach was busy, but the weather was fantastic!!

We stayed for much longer than we realised, and as we were driving home, we were SO HUNGRY. So we actually stopped to buy take away for lunch (OMG take away!!). After that, everyone had a quick shower and a nice long nap.

We woke up, drove over to my parent’s place, and had another swim! We stayed for a delicious dinner. Rushed off to the river foreshore, wiggled our way through thousands of people at a new year festival. Found a perfect spot by the water’s edge, just in time to see an amazing firework show overhead. We were so close! It was spectacular! Came home, put the kids to bed, and finally the both of us snuggled on the couch watching a DVD. Another very cool day!