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Tree is up

8 December 2006

An aspect of my personality that belies my otherwise easy-going nature, has manifested itself in our Christmas tree. I am the tree decorating psycho woman. It’s not to say I will spend thousands of dollars on the whole Christmas tree set up without batting an eyelid. It’s much worse.

I completely refuse to spend more than $10 a year on new decorations. Yet. I insist on having a different colour scheme and different ornaments as the previous year. However, the tree must look incredible and dazzle with a radiance far beyond all memories of trees of the years gone by. Which makes things a little tricky, and I hereby introduce you to my psychotic side. Hi!

This year I decided to mix up the crafty home-made stuff with the fine crystal ornaments stuff. And it all looks so cute! I made some felt pin cushion ornaments. They sit next to the miniature reindeer, hand-sculpted in fine European crystal, way up high next to the glass tear drop and smiling crystal angel. Ok, I actually bought them $4 each from Target during a year I went *wild* with the money.

Down the bottom of the tree (closer to little toddler fingers) we have various masterpieces by the boys. All crafted according to my strict colour guidelines. Callum had such a wonderful time making the decorations. I think because he knew all this craft was going to end up “making the tree look nice”.

Last of all. Deep within the shadowy back corners of the tree, almost pressed against the wall where no one will see, (I hope you all will forgive me), hangs Callum’s impromptu vision of 4 year old self-expression.

He found a sheet of blue wrapping paper printed with construction vehicles and various road signs. He INSISTED he turn them into ornaments, and proceeded, even after I declared that earth moving vehicles and stop signs will find no place on MY Christmas tree thank you very much. He made them anyway!

He cut out all the little pictures, punched holes in them, cut the ribbon and strung them up all by himself. He couldn’t tie a knot and refused my help. Thus, notice the use of brown packaging tape to stick the ribbon ends together. Nice touch for a 4 year old who can’t tie knots, I thought, if you’re not particularly PSYCHOTIC about these things. Anyway, despite myself, I didn’t have the heart to toss them out. We ceremoniously hung them up and he was beside himself. I guess I’ll have to make it a point to show the grandparents the next time they come over to visit. Hmph.