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Wedding Again

23 November 2006

This weekend we went to the wedding of a really close family friend. It was a beautiful and small ceremony – probably the smallest I’ve ever been to – but some of my closest friends and relatives were there, so it was fantastic and felt really special. Ceremony was held at the always gorgeous, Sandalford Winery, followed by a cocktail garden party. Here are us Cheng girls (my sister, my mum and me!) hanging out under the grapevines pigging out on the cocktail oysters.

I’m wearing the “pillowcase dress” I bought in Sydney. I paid an embarrassing sum of money for a sack with two well-placed elastic bands.

I’m hoping that one day I’ll steal the pattern and make myself one for each day of the week.

We were also in a rush to head out the door and I forgot to put on my necklace! I felt so bare and un-blinged.

Dinner was in a Chinese restaurant. We were on a table with excellent company – full of laughter, chatting, baby stories and crazy antics. My poor husband (who’s allergic to crustaceans) literally ate only 2 of 10 dishes served. The pigeon, and the fish. Even the vegetable dish was sprinkled with shredded scallop. Thankfully he ate earlier.

We were one of the low-priorty tables placed next to the kitchen. That was fine, we probably made the most noise anyway.

But where I was sitting, I had a clear view of the chef and his chopping board – and I could see him chop and hack open a basket full of live crays, and the crays desperately trying to scramble their way across the benchtop. Plus I could see raw chicken carcasses hanging from hooks, dripping fluids into unmarked bowls —

OK I’m writing this as if I’m horrified and disgusted. But really, I thought it was all very amusing, and in a way, I kinda liked it. It made my Chinese eating experience feel more authentic and fresh.

Anyway, the bride and groom looked great and extremely happy! The speeches were funny and touching. The MCs did a great job. I ate sooooo much food (after all, I ate Andrew’s portion of crustacea). We had lots of laughs and took lots of photos. We had a fabulous time!