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A & H’s Wedding

18 November 2006

We went to the wedding of some really good friends of mine. And it was definitely the sweetest wedding I’ve been to – I mean, you could feeeeeel the lurve and happiness dripping from the walls. Everyone was SO happy. And all these people we met were SO nice. It was lovely!

We were the only ones who had young kids – either that, or everyone else was just smart enough to leave them at home. We sat down the back, and they were very well behaved. But just before the important exchanging of vows bit, Sean went “HEY!”, everyone turned, the bride and groom laughed happily and waved, then my husband (bless him) volunteered to take Sean outside. Callum and I sat and enjoyed the rest.

After the ceremony, it was such a gorgeous day, that we thought it would be nice to sit and eat near the river.

We ended up at JoJo’s River Restaurant – a quaint seafood cafe built on a jetty in Nedlands. It was perfect. The river was still, the breeze was gentle, and the sky was big and blue.

After letting the kids peep over the jetty, we took a short stroll on the beach. The boys (all three of them) collected shells and sea treasure while I sat on the grass, taking photos and sunning my legs – actually, I just didn’t want get my shoes dirty.

Reception was in a marquee on Matilda Bay, overlooking the water and boats. It was SO NICE. The speeches were all really touching and charming. We met and talked to some really interesting people on our table. I chatted to some old friends and old colleagues. We danced! We ate! And we had a fantastic time!