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17 November 2006

Being on the committee of the local Toy Library is a very cool thing. It means being able to borrow all the big, expensive, cool toys over the long summer holidays. Muahaha. So I snatched up the very popular tandem bike, and the boys LOVED it.

Callum rode it to our local park. I helped him negotiate the kerbs and roads. Then he rode the whole length of the parklands (and back!), with Sean holding on tightly at the rear.

He was speeding along quite fast, so I had to walk at a faster-than-normal pace to keep up. Plus I was quite nervous that Sean would just decide to stand up, flap his arms about and leap off backwards – as all little boys do. But no, Sean didn’t fall off once! He did however, have a stunned, slightly wind-blown look on his face the whole time. It was all too cute.