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Turning Green

12 November 2006

This weekend, my insane cooking mojo was back – wild with fire and activity! We were having casual dinner parties on both evenings, and I was craving some simple, fresh, healthy meals.

I planned the dinners and recipes and I got really intense (in fact, I think I was actually stressed) about making sure there was a good balance of red coloured veges and lots of dark green leafy veges in the meals. I mean, NO BODY is going to leave this house without a good dose of antioxidants.

On Saturday night I made yummy gourmet pizza – feta, grilled eggplant + capsicums, tomatoes, basil, and salad. Sunday I made fresh ricotta + spinach pasta and salad.

I ended up buying waaay too many vegetables. So the next day was vege + salmon quiche and salad, then vegetarian Thai green curry and salad. Yes, lots of salad. I’m soooo over vegetables right now. Somebody give me a slice of cow and some deep fried chicken please.