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New Camera

26 October 2006

I finally bought myself a new digital camera! My old one broke in March, and I’ve been borrowing my sister’s camera since then. It took me a few months to research, save up, ask around… and I settled on a Canon Powershot A700. Basically a well priced compact camera, with full manual controls. I’m very happy.

I must admit, I was momentarily dazzled – but not overly impressed – by all the new colouring features. Are they really neccessary? Maybe I’m just a bit old school. Or too much of a Photoshop geek.

Here (above photo) you can take a black + white photograph and choose a colour to remain as it is.

The pic is a wall in our dining room. Lilies are from our garden. Picture hanging on the wall was taken by my husband during his wildlife doco days. Feel free to peek at more snap happy shots here.