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The New Term

18 October 2006

Callum has started a couple of new classes this week.

Dance Classes : It’s not a formal dance class, like jazz or ballet. It’s a music and movement class for 2-4 years olds, mainly about – following a dance/action routine, moving your body in imaginative ways, dancing and moving with props, co-ordination etc. He simply LOVES it. He was a star student from day one – from start to finish, he did everything his teacher said, following her every move with intense concentration. He doesn’t look over his shoulder at me once.

It’s all for a bit of fun really. It’s just me, a couple of girlfriends, and all our kids jumping around having a good time. I’m not actually intending to follow through into competitions and concerts. Unless Callum REALLY REALLY wants to, I guess.

Swimming Classes : Callum has always enjoyed splashing and paddling in pools. He also loves leaping into the waves at the beach. But it’s been 2 years since Callum has been in an actual swimming class. And I was the one who was anxious about it. 3 years olds learn to swim with a teacher. No parents allowed in the pool.

I can’t say he enjoyed it. He participated and followed instructions. He even dipped his head in the water, when told to, without kicking up a fuss. But he was very cautious and hesitant the whole time. And he didn’t smile once. I’m sure he’ll learn to like it. In fact, he has no choice – Learning How To Swim is rated as an “essential life skill” for my boys.

As well as : How To Cook A Three Course Dinner. How To Look After Your Clothes. And How To Love Your Mother.