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Sean – 19 Months

16 October 2006

Today I was in the kitchen when I heard a crash and a scream. Sean came running and crying. I stooped down, gave him a cuddle and contrived some, “Aaww poor baby! What happened?!”

He sobbed, “My toot-toot fall down!”

*Crickets chirped in an empty forest* …..Did my baby just talk to me?

“MY TOOT-TOOT FALL DOWN!!!” He growled and waved Thomas the Tank Engine in my face. “FALL! DOWN!”

Did my iddy biddy baby boy just made a sentence? Did he really string four words together?

I squeaked, “Ok….. do you want me to….. kiss it better?”

“NO!” And he stomped off in a huff.

Note to self : We need more babies in this house or I’m going to cry.