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Rest and Relaxation

9 October 2006

We took a last minute trip up to Lancelin for the weekend. It was fantastic! No big agenda. No stress. We spent all of the time hanging out on the beach, paddling in the water, making sand castles, making rivers and dams, taking walks, playing in playgrounds, sitting in cafes, drinking tea and eating ice cream. Ahhhh, it was so relaxing. Photos here.

We had 10 friends who were on a 2 day Surf Camp in Lancelin – my husband and I were so jealous! We’re both dying to learn how to surf. And the Surf School sounded really cool. One day. Soon. Maybe this summer. But not this weekend.

Lancelin is a 1½ hour drive north of Perth. It’s basically a little crayfishing town, known for it’s excellent windsurfing and gorgeous beaches. Right now, it’s the middle of the school holidays – and because we were late in booking accommodation, we were happy to stay anywhere! I was even preparing for another traumatic night in a caravan. But we ended up in a house. No, a shack. An old fisherman’s shack. And I couldn’t stop laughing at how ODD (and crappy) it was.

Our Fisherman's Shack

Anyway. The weather was stunning. The beaches were absolutely gorgeous. The water lapping onto the shore was still, calm and shallow. Perfect for little kids to paddle. The sand was fine like crystal flour. Add water and it turned into this gooey clay, great for sand castle building.

I was surprised that there were so few people there. The beaches were practically deserted. The town was peaceful. The roads were quiet. We fell in love with the place and vowed to come back next year.

We met some really nice strangers on the beach. We chatted while our kids played with their kids. Then the four of us sat on the beach, ate pizza for dinner, while we watched the sun set over the glassy ocean, with the world turning golden red. Life was grand. And as I keep saying, we felt like millionaires.