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Spring has sprung

1 September 2006

Yesterday we went to a kid’s birthday party. I spiked both the boy’s hair and they were strutting around the house proudly. Callum said, “RAWR. I feel like a dinosaur!” and Sean went, “RAWR!”. It was just so cute. I couldn’t resist a couple of snaps.

I dunno what’s wrong with me these days! The boys have been at each other’s throats all week – constant fighting, shouting, pushing, teasing. But the moment they do something cute or nice to each other, I go all weepy and precious and I suddenly want FIVE children.

I blame SPRING! And the need to tidy my nest. I was in a spring mood today. Bursting with energy to clean clean clean. I re-arranaged furniture. I threw out old junk. I went through and packed away old clothes and shoes. I swept. I mopped. I was a cleaning machine, baby!