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The Other Team

23 August 2006

Our state has two football teams in the national league – the Eagles and the Dockers.

My husband has been an Eagles fan for years. And me? I’ve never really followed the footy with any fervour or passion. So I just roll my eyes and make inappropriate remarks.

However, since the birth of two BOYS -in Australia- I’m acutely aware of the cultural necessity for them to follow the footy.

So. I decided to promote a bit of healthy internal-family competition and adopt the OTHER team as my very own. Albeit reluctantly. Because damn, those Eagles have a “Must Be A Hottie” requirement to be in the team. They are all. So. Hot. But I digress.

We were a bit unsure as to how to split the boys up. So one day we asked Callum which colour he liked. He said blue. And I said, Ok done. You’re on dad’s team.

So this weekend, both teams are playing against each other in the biggest media-hyped derby in the history of the universe. I let myself be swept up in the craziness, and it’s so much fun!

I’ll be wearing my colours and shouting for my Freo boys this Sunday, but honestly… I’ll be perving on the other team.