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My Birthday Dinner Party

9 July 2006

We had a birthday dinner party on the weekend. I invited some good friends over. Everyone brought food. I made satays. I poured wine. I lit candles. Other than that, I was a bit of a princess. And I loved it.

Sean went to sleep quite early on in the evening. And we let Callum stay up late (in his pyjamas) and join us for the dinner, dessert, cake and coffee + chat. He did really well. And I think everybody enjoyed his company.

My husband and Callum made me a cake. Callum was Chief Egg Cracker, Mixer, Chocolate Icing Taster, Little Silver Sugar Balls Installer and Overall Artistic Director.

My husband didn’t actually count how many candles to put on the cake, and simply went for the over-burdened candle look. I personally thought it was a tad unsubtle… haha! But I was so happy that someone else made the cake this time!

Eeek I’m 28 everyone! Thanks for all your birthday emails!