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Simple Things

29 June 2006

We went to a buzzing house warming party that other day. Caught up with lots of friends.

One is pregnant and loving it.
No matter how bad a day I’ve had with my boys, I always find myself talking endlessly, warmly and gleefully about kids to anyone who wants to listen.

One quit her job and has taken up painting.
Ahh, I’m so excited when someone has the guts to end what is hindering and negative in their life, to do something positive and enriching.

One went to Tasmania for a 6 day mountain hike – camping and carrying everything on her back. I’d love to do that one day.

One has a blog.
I think everyone in my real-life circle(s) of friends know that I keep this site. Most think it’s nice… or bizarre… or completely alien to normal human beings. So I’m always beaming when someone else has “turned to the dark side”.

One also loves Tim Winton.
Haha. I had no qualms to admitting I have a personal website. But I hesitated when someone asked me who my favourite author was. I didn’t want to sound like a lit head, so in the same breath I said, “I like Ben Elton too.”

It was such a simple evening. Yet I was left with such a happy glowing feeling. Happy because one of my deepest, lifelong aspirations is advancing to fruition – to surround myself with good and happy people.